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We work with a variety of technical, financial and media partners to implement solutions and communicate our goals. Valuable partnerships and resources are vital to our organization.

Renewlogy is our plastic-to-fuel technology partner.

Founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2011, Renewlogy is a technology leader in developing solutions to landfill-bound waste. Through its proprietary chemical recycling process, nonrecycled plastic waste is converted into high-value fuels and products by breaking down the plastic into its basic molecular structure. Renewlogy envisions a world in which there is no waste, as all materials are renewed in some way. By renewing each waste stream and giving it some value, we can ensure that waste will not only stay out of landfills but will stay out of our precious environment as well.

The Alta Group in Latin America assists us with financing projects in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The Alta Group in Latin America combines the talents of principals and associates throughout the region with expertise in management consulting, legal support, mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets worldwide, and professional development for equipment leasing and finance. Through its services, Alta is contributing to the development of equipment leasing and financing industries and overall capital goods formation in Latin America and other regions.


If you wish to learn more about the issues of waste and plastics, and their impact on our planet, we have listed below links to websites and articles that we think will be of interest. If you know of sources of information on waste and recycling issues that are not included here, please forward those along for our consideration to

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